Excerpted from the journal of Eli Kriegberg - Apr. 20, 2014

My loyal Hunters… the roar of their voices as thousands of them recite The Oath in unison fills me with hope and fatherly pride in our accomplishments. They have come from all walks of life to become soldiers, protectors, and martyrs. Here in this ancient amphitheatre where the words of kings altered the destiny of the human race our words now shake the dust from the walls and renew the ancient struggle for freedom.

We will have freedom from those who oppress and enslave us. It is inevitable. We are right and pure.

I carefully chose words that will inspire them with my dream of the Final Victory. When I stepped onto the stage, their voices swelled and joined and rose so high that the heavens trembled at the sound of their faith and resolve. The fervor crashed upon me like a sea of righteous fire. Before my words took life, I was transported to the reason I stood there today… my reason for living… my innocent Anna.

My memory of that night remains perfect, as if the horror, pain, and loss were etched onto my eternal soul. That night everything changed. I found my love Anna, my reason for living and breathing, torn open by Scipio the Betrayer. Cruel Scipio. Twisted and perverted by evil, his wanton gaze fell upon my beloved Anna. To him, she was just another conquest...

I wonder if Scipio realizes that he raised the Wrath of Humanity from the pieces of my broken heart? Will he ever know that he caused the end of the Vampire Nation - I wonder.